Wonder women

On the last week of the Mina de Ouro project, it was time to end the Do it Today. workshop. The participants talked about their achievements and how they plan to continue using the techniques they have learned. In addition to the materials kit, they received a planner to help them continue organising their life and their projects. The girls who have achieved their goals have also earned a gift card as a small reward. The results were incredible and we are very happy to see the girl's motivation and accomplishments.

Additionally, the Mina de Ouro Project and the Do it today. team talked about self-esteem and discussed methods of reducing stress and increasing confidence before important events.

And to finish the activities of the first edition of the Mina de Ouro Project, the psychologist Rafaela Paese Zarpellon made a wonderful presentation about career and recruitment. She talked about career choice and paths, about common recruitment practices and how recruiters select candidates according to each job. At the end, she gave tips on how to impress recruiters and land their dream job.

The Mina de Ouro Project's team thanks Rafaela Paese Zarpellon for her participation and dedication and for the wonderful tips that will be extremely useful in the participant's future. The team also thanks for the great work and support of the staff of the socio-educational center.

Before saying goodbye, the girls were invited to participate in an anonymous evaluation survey and to leave messages for the team. It was extremely rewarding to read their inspiring words and to be able to see the project's incredible results.

Soon we will be sharing the participant's messages here on the blog, so keep tuned!