Seeing is Believing


Do you know these spectacular women? Marta, Marie Curie, Malala, Oprah, Rosa Parks, Ellen Johnson, Ada Lovelace, Anitta, Frida Kahlo, Valentina Tereshkova, Carol Conká and Chiquinha Gonzaga!

Behavioral economist, author and professor at Harvard University Iris Bohnet is a reference on gender equality. She offers some tips on how to design the work, study, and even home environment in a way that minimizes unconscious gender bias.

According to her studies, seeing women in leadership positions, whether in business or politics, changes people's perceptions of what might be possible for their children and for themselves.

In 1993, the Indian government decided that 1/3 of the electorate would be reserved for women in the roles of local leaders. The decision, in addition to providing insights for public policy, also encouraged women to speak more publicly, stay in school longer, marry, and have their first child later.

Many organizations, including Harvard University, took the initiative to hang more portraits of strong female role models to inspire other women, and to promote gender equality. Other studies also point out that these kind of practices increase women's productivity and, consequently, enhance the overall academic and professional results of women inserted in this context.

With these studies in mind, and with the partnership of DO IT TODAY., we've organised a Workshop on Female Empowerment, when we played a fun game that told the story of 12 women who made history, showed strength and character and succeeded in some way, whether in art, in the sports, science, politics or business.

The Workshop was held on January 18 and 19, continuing the Mina de Ouro project that started on December 2017. These images will be hung inside the juvenile center, so that the girls can see and remember every day that yes, we all have the ability to succeed, regardless of age, race, and gender.