First Day

On December 15th, the project goals and plan was presented for eighteen of the twenty selected girls at the socio-educational center. It was the first day of activities with the subjects, who in the next months will be working on their life skills and preparing for adulthood.

First, A survey was applied to identify the girls views about their skills, their future and their role models, as well as to learn more about their interests and aspirations. Two of the selected girls were unable to participate due to personal matters, but were briefed afterwards by the center’s staff.

Then, a group dynamics with the life and career coach Stella Rosa was organized. She provided practical exercises about visualizing a positive future and setting achievable life goals. During the activity the girls reflected about past events, identified positive moments and all the aspects that contributed to them, they imagined who is the future woman they want to be and what would be her characteristics and skills.

After the first day meeting, the subjects were able to decide if they would like to participate in the next activities. Nineteen of the twenty attending girls showed interest in participating further. Next, during January and February 2018, we will start the “Do it today” workshop, a series of activities for the girls to start to work on real goals and overcome their own obstacles. Also, we've prepared a series of presentations about career, studies and self-development, and we're very excited to contribute to a better future for at-risk girls.