Fourth week of the Mina de Ouro Project, another day with the DO IT TODAY. workshop. I was time to talk about our ability to change our habits and transform our behaviour. It was also time to learn about the role of the different parts of the brain in human behaviour and in the relationship we have with ourselves and with others.

Since many of the girls have goals related to behaviour and relationships, we from Mina de Ouro Project and the DO IT TODAY. brought the documentary InnSæi, by Kristín Ólafsdóttir and Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir for them to watch and reflect about it. The movie gathered several specialists to discuss the way we see and feel the world, about intuition and rationality, and about self-knowledge as a way to improve our ability to "put ourselves in someone else's shoes".

Check out InnSæi in the link below:

 InnSæi - The Power of Intuition

InnSæi - The Power of Intuition

The teenagers debated about topics addressed by the film and were impressed with the part that portrays a British school that offers alternative activities to improve the student's emotional skills. At the school, students learn about the brain functioning and practice a technique called "brain break," which consists of daytime intervals to relax the mind. With this pause, students try to stimulate the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, control the activity of the amygdala, and thus make better decisions, improve focus, reasoning and their relationships with colleagues. With this In mind, some of the girls decided to try to implement the technique in their routines.

With new information and new strategies, the participants are prepared for the last week of activities of this edition of Mina de Ouro project.