International Women's Day



 On this international women’s day, we congratulate all the women who, despite all the violence, disrespect and inequality, still rise and do their best. We thank all the women and girls that keep fighting for a better future.

Today, and on all other days as well, support women and girls - their work, their studies, their businesses, their initiatives, their arts, their voices, their fights. Happy March 8th!

Video and illustration by Libby Vanderploeg

Wonder women

On the last week of the Mina de Ouro project, it was time to end the Do it Today. workshop. The participants talked about their achievements and how they plan to continue using the techniques they have learned. In addition to the materials kit, they received a planner to help them continue organising their life and their projects. The girls who have achieved their goals have also earned a gift card as a small reward. The results were incredible and we are very happy to see the girl's motivation and accomplishments.

Additionally, the Mina de Ouro Project and the Do it today. team talked about self-esteem and discussed methods of reducing stress and increasing confidence before important events.

And to finish the activities of the first edition of the Mina de Ouro Project, the psychologist Rafaela Paese Zarpellon made a wonderful presentation about career and recruitment. She talked about career choice and paths, about common recruitment practices and how recruiters select candidates according to each job. At the end, she gave tips on how to impress recruiters and land their dream job.

The Mina de Ouro Project's team thanks Rafaela Paese Zarpellon for her participation and dedication and for the wonderful tips that will be extremely useful in the participant's future. The team also thanks for the great work and support of the staff of the socio-educational center.

Before saying goodbye, the girls were invited to participate in an anonymous evaluation survey and to leave messages for the team. It was extremely rewarding to read their inspiring words and to be able to see the project's incredible results.

Soon we will be sharing the participant's messages here on the blog, so keep tuned!



Fourth week of the Mina de Ouro Project, another day with the DO IT TODAY. workshop. I was time to talk about our ability to change our habits and transform our behaviour. It was also time to learn about the role of the different parts of the brain in human behaviour and in the relationship we have with ourselves and with others.

Since many of the girls have goals related to behaviour and relationships, we from Mina de Ouro Project and the DO IT TODAY. brought the documentary InnSæi, by Kristín Ólafsdóttir and Hrund Gunnsteinsdottir for them to watch and reflect about it. The movie gathered several specialists to discuss the way we see and feel the world, about intuition and rationality, and about self-knowledge as a way to improve our ability to "put ourselves in someone else's shoes".

Check out InnSæi in the link below:

 InnSæi - The Power of Intuition

InnSæi - The Power of Intuition

The teenagers debated about topics addressed by the film and were impressed with the part that portrays a British school that offers alternative activities to improve the student's emotional skills. At the school, students learn about the brain functioning and practice a technique called "brain break," which consists of daytime intervals to relax the mind. With this pause, students try to stimulate the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, control the activity of the amygdala, and thus make better decisions, improve focus, reasoning and their relationships with colleagues. With this In mind, some of the girls decided to try to implement the technique in their routines.

With new information and new strategies, the participants are prepared for the last week of activities of this edition of Mina de Ouro project.

New habits and writing tips

On the third week of the Mina de Ouro project, the subjects started to see the results of their new habits in the Do it Today. workshop. The girls shared their victories and their struggles and were guided on how to overcome them. Our partners from the Do it Today. project  presented several techniques for overcoming obstacles and enhancing productivity. With all that new acquired knowledge, the girls planned their next week and made sure they'll get even closer to reaching their goals.


After that, the incredible Rafaela Soares, author of the book Sob a Roseira came to talk about her writing career and about how she manages to keep up with her writing, medical school, two blogs and a youtube channel. Here is the secret: time management. That goes to show the importance of what the subjects learn at the Do it Today. workshop


But that's not all. The writer also gave amazing tips on how to start writing, how to plan the text and each chapter and how to captivate the reader; she also demonstrated the steps on how to publish a book and how to secure your copyrights.


 Rafaela Soares's "Sob a Roseira".

Rafaela Soares's "Sob a Roseira".


Finally, the author showed all the steps to writing a great motivation letters for applying to job positions, internships and educational opportunities, and told all about her techniques for earning top marks in the national high school exam and the university admission exams.


The participants also received the artist and medical student Gabriela Soares (Rafaela's twin sister), who helped organising and producing the content of the presentation and who also showed a little of her talent in the piano. The sisters are donating several text books for university admission exams and also a copy of Rafaela's book Sob a Roseira for the socio-educational center's library.

 Gabriela Soares and Rafaela Soares outside the socio-educational center where the activities of the Mina de Ouro project are held.

Gabriela Soares and Rafaela Soares outside the socio-educational center where the activities of the Mina de Ouro project are held.


The Mina de Ouro project's team thanks Rafaela Soares and Gabriela Soares for their participation and dedication and for their amazing donation.

Ready for action

Ready for action!

On January 18th and 19th our subjects at the Mina de Ouro project started the Do it Today workshop. Together they discussed their goals, learned a little bit about our brain’s decision making process, watched Tim Urban’s Ted talk “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” and heard about researches that tested different methods for goals setting and productivity.



After that, each one of them put a short term goal on paper, and then reflected on what they have do, or what needs to change in their routine, current behaviour or environment in order to achieve it, and then decided what would be her activities and objectives for the following week. 


Later, the girls attended the lectures of Professor Samantha Toledo from the Federal University of Paraná about career and education and of Professor Natalia Rese, also from the Federal University of Paraná, about the university, its possibilities and it's admission processes and scholarships. The lectures were organized in partnership with the Department of General and Applied Administration (DAGA-UFPR) and the UFPR Business School.


 Here we have the basic materials each of the girls received to help with the process: A clear folder, a pen, a note pad and the Do it Today booklet. On the last day of the project every girl will receive a craft paper daily planner for their future goals and plans, and the ones that achieved their goal at the end of the workshop will be rewarded with a blue envelope containing a gift card from a local bookshop.

Here we have the basic materials each of the girls received to help with the process: A clear folder, a pen, a note pad and the Do it Today booklet. On the last day of the project every girl will receive a craft paper daily planner for their future goals and plans, and the ones that achieved their goal at the end of the workshop will be rewarded with a blue envelope containing a gift card from a local bookshop.


Seeing is Believing


Do you know these spectacular women? Marta, Marie Curie, Malala, Oprah, Rosa Parks, Ellen Johnson, Ada Lovelace, Anitta, Frida Kahlo, Valentina Tereshkova, Carol Conká and Chiquinha Gonzaga!

Behavioral economist, author and professor at Harvard University Iris Bohnet is a reference on gender equality. She offers some tips on how to design the work, study, and even home environment in a way that minimizes unconscious gender bias.

According to her studies, seeing women in leadership positions, whether in business or politics, changes people's perceptions of what might be possible for their children and for themselves.

In 1993, the Indian government decided that 1/3 of the electorate would be reserved for women in the roles of local leaders. The decision, in addition to providing insights for public policy, also encouraged women to speak more publicly, stay in school longer, marry, and have their first child later.

Many organizations, including Harvard University, took the initiative to hang more portraits of strong female role models to inspire other women, and to promote gender equality. Other studies also point out that these kind of practices increase women's productivity and, consequently, enhance the overall academic and professional results of women inserted in this context.

With these studies in mind, and with the partnership of DO IT TODAY., we've organised a Workshop on Female Empowerment, when we played a fun game that told the story of 12 women who made history, showed strength and character and succeeded in some way, whether in art, in the sports, science, politics or business.

The Workshop was held on January 18 and 19, continuing the Mina de Ouro project that started on December 2017. These images will be hung inside the juvenile center, so that the girls can see and remember every day that yes, we all have the ability to succeed, regardless of age, race, and gender.




First Day

On December 15th, the project goals and plan was presented for eighteen of the twenty selected girls at the socio-educational center. It was the first day of activities with the subjects, who in the next months will be working on their life skills and preparing for adulthood.

First, A survey was applied to identify the girls views about their skills, their future and their role models, as well as to learn more about their interests and aspirations. Two of the selected girls were unable to participate due to personal matters, but were briefed afterwards by the center’s staff.

Then, a group dynamics with the life and career coach Stella Rosa was organized. She provided practical exercises about visualizing a positive future and setting achievable life goals. During the activity the girls reflected about past events, identified positive moments and all the aspects that contributed to them, they imagined who is the future woman they want to be and what would be her characteristics and skills.

After the first day meeting, the subjects were able to decide if they would like to participate in the next activities. Nineteen of the twenty attending girls showed interest in participating further. Next, during January and February 2018, we will start the “Do it today” workshop, a series of activities for the girls to start to work on real goals and overcome their own obstacles. Also, we've prepared a series of presentations about career, studies and self-development, and we're very excited to contribute to a better future for at-risk girls.

Mina de Ouro Project

The Mina de Ouro project was created during the 7th edition of the WFUNA's Human Rights in Action training, held at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, our team is working to offer activities and opportunities for at-risk girls living in Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil. 

The project seeks to promote the personal, educational and professional development of at-risk teenage girls in a local socioe-ducational center and it's divided in 3 parts: presentations and empowerment activities, the do it today project and opportunities of internship, apprenticeship and language and professional courses and scholarships in prep schools.

Join us for helping ensure a better future for them!



We are Catálise, a non profit organization founded on human values and in search of an ideal: to provide minimum tools to guarantee the rights of vulnerable people. As a true catalyst, we strive for the maximum protection of the human being as a subject of fundamental rights.

Catálise was born on September 17, 2017, from the pilot project "Mina de Ouro" that was submitted as part of the 7th edition of the WFUNA's Human Rights in Action training at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Aimed at promoting the personal, professional and educational development of at-risk girls in Curitiba, state of Paraná, Brazil, it is the first of many projects that will work on accelerating transformations for a more just society for all.

We believe that by promoting social justice, human rights and the access to education, we can contribute to a more equal society and a more inclusive future.